About Us

Crafted hand-made shoes are wearable art.

I’ve always loved shoes. My grandfather wore handmade Italian shoes and travelled to his home in Italy to get them every year. Growing up in a family of artists, fashion and dress designers and engineers, I appreciate the practical that also appeals to the eye.

Well-made shoes are comfortable to wear. The notion of having to “break-in” shoes is not one I subscribe to. The days of army boot construction with heavy leathers should be confined to history. Style, comfort, quality and passion are the most important attributes for me and as Oscar Wild once said “ I have the simplest of tastes, I am always satisfied with the best” .

I have travelled to Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium and Spain to find true craftsmen and artists who love what they do, creating beautifully hand-crafted shoes, with passion.
Our shoe collections are a true mix of European flair, Italian calf leather, Spanish fire and artistry, exotic fabrics, traditional skills, craft and inspiration.

Every shoe on our website has been hand-made and chosen with care. The designers, specialists and artists who have created these shoes love what they do. I hope you do too.


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ForFootSake is Irish owned and operated.