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Add true elegance to your outfit with the best designer mens shoes

mens shoes

If you want to dip yourself in a bit of luxury and add elegance to your outfit, then the best thing you can do is to wear men’s designer shoes.  There are different ranges for gorgeous shoes that are bought under different brands, which you can wear and bring up the fashion statement in your […]

Elevate your shoe rack with a pair of classic handmade dress shoes

dress shoes

A quality pair of dress shoes is one of the most important clothing purchases that any man will ever make. Just as a pair of shoes makes or breaks a great outfit, the dress shoe can make a big difference to their personality when they are going to attend any formal occasion. Handmade dress shoes […]

Reveal Your Style with the Best Handmade Mens Shoes in Dublin

Handmade mens shoes in Dublin

Almost all of us, whether you acknowledge it or not, have a strong relationship with our shoes. Comfort is the controlling factor in that relationship, if it’s to last. And comfort with style is the perfect blend..  Every shoe has its own tale in a guy’s wardrobe.  Like many things, shoes date back in history […]

Give Your Attire a Stunning Look with Handmade Dress Shoes

dress shoes

Jeans re every popular and almost every man owns a pair or more. The versatile trousers have been around for decades and they continue to be popular among men and women of all ages. When wearing jeans it is important to make sure that they complement your entire look.  Most men are not sure whether […]

Reasons to Choose Handmade Shoes than Machine Made Ones

handmade shoes

Have you ever thought if handmade shoes were better than conventional ones?  Why people prefer handmade shoes? Or what is the fuss about handmade shoes? Machine made shoes can look as good and are sold in bigger quantities.. and may last long once broken in. However, people who have worn handmade leather shoes prefer them!  […]

How to clean and take care of your handmade leather shoes?

Handmade leather shoes

Some men give shoes little consideration, whereas some have a shoe obsession. Most of us sit somewhere in between. Buying a pair of high quality, comfortable, men’s handmade leather shoes are only the first step. Leather shoes are known to be hard wearing and perfect to wearing and perfect to wear on those drizzly days; […]

Where and how to find the perfect men’s wedding shoes Online in Ireland?

men’s wedding shoes online in ireland

There are so many details to keep track of when planning a wedding. In addition to nailing down a photographer, caterer, band and reception hall, you have to remember the small things like thank you notes, flowers and wedding shoes. Where to buy? There are a myriad of sources to buy wedding shoes- both online […]

Why Handmade Leather Shoes are Recommended

Handmade leather shoes

A good pair of leather shoes should be one of the important purchases any man can make. Just as any pair of shoes can make or break a great outfit, dress shoes make a huge difference in the image a person presents at formal setting or occasion. Many make the mistake of simply buying the […]

Handmade Mens Dress Shoes–Essential Tips before Buying Online

Handmade mens dress shoes

Every man should know about the shoe detail before considering a purchase. It is important to understand what defines the quality of a dress shoe. Good quality pays and understanding what makes quality good can be the difference in the length of service a shoe can give.High quality handmade mens dress shoes in Ireland are […]

Look for Stylish Handmade Men’s Leather Shoes Online

Handmade mens leather shoes

Wondering what to select in footwear?  Looking for men’s hand made leather shoes can be a good option. Italian calfskin is known to be the best shoe leather available. It is soft and pliable and easy to wear. Craft designers work with supreme quality and dedication to create something not only beautiful, but practical and […]