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How to match different kinds of handmade designer shoes with your outfit?

handmade designer shoes

It can be difficult to know what to look for when shopping for shoes, there are many considerations to be taken into account; what are the occasions when you will be wearing the shoes, which shoes are currently in fashion, what colour shoes suit you complexion even!  which shoes are good for which weather. Well […]

Mens Designer Shoes – The Ultimate Fashion Signature

Mens Designer Shoes

Buying smart shoes shoes be everyone’s dream.  The presence of the Wow factor impress the observers and those with and without the vision to express themselves with luxury footwear. True visionaries never compromise on their wardrobe which includes their of shoes. In order to complete an attire it is important to buy the right pair […]

Elevate your shoe rack with a pair of classic handmade dress shoes

dress shoes

A quality pair of dress shoes is one of the most important clothing purchases that any man will ever make. Just as a pair of shoes makes or breaks a great outfit, the dress shoe can make a big difference to their personality when they are going to attend any formal occasion. Handmade dress shoes […]

Handmade Mens Dress Shoes–Essential Tips before Buying Online

Handmade mens dress shoes

Every man should know about the shoe detail before considering a purchase. It is important to understand what defines the quality of a dress shoe. Good quality pays and understanding what makes quality good can be the difference in the length of service a shoe can give.High quality handmade mens dress shoes in Ireland are […]