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Add an edge to your footwear collection with Exclusive Shoes from ffS!

Let’s say you have a new job or new to the business world and are just getting started to get that business wardrobe. You have bought yourself several suits, ties, a few dress shirts and now it’s time to take care of your feet. That is when you should try shoes from ffS!.  The reason […]

Look smarter wearing handmade leather shoes

handmade leather shoes

Footwear shows off a man’s personality, but they need to be chosen wisely. There is not as many choices compared to women’s shoes.  But when you find a footwear company with a great variety, you will have no problem finding the right shoe for you. Maybe the perfect one that you can wear on  various […]

The Different Types of Formal Shoes for Mens to Invest

Formal shoes for mens

Ironically, footwear is the most important yet most neglected part of men’s outfit. What men wear on their feet totally help them decide what kind of a look they should pick for the occasion. The footwear chooses the outfit and not the other way around. So men sought to keep this fashion statement in mind […]

Give Your Attire a Stunning Look with Handmade Dress Shoes

dress shoes

Jeans re every popular and almost every man owns a pair or more. The versatile trousers have been around for decades and they continue to be popular among men and women of all ages. When wearing jeans it is important to make sure that they complement your entire look.  Most men are not sure whether […]

Reasons to Choose Handmade Shoes than Machine Made Ones

handmade shoes

Have you ever thought if handmade shoes were better than conventional ones?  Why people prefer handmade shoes? Or what is the fuss about handmade shoes? Machine made shoes can look as good and are sold in bigger quantities.. and may last long once broken in. However, people who have worn handmade leather shoes prefer them!  […]