Elevate your shoe rack with a pair of classic handmade dress shoes

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A quality pair of dress shoes is one of the most important clothing purchases that any man will ever make. Just as a pair of shoes makes or breaks a great outfit, the dress shoe can make a big difference to their personality when they are going to attend any formal occasion.

Handmade dress shoes are a must for every wardrobe

Most men make a mistake by purchasing the cheapest pair of shoes and lose their opportunity to demonstrate image and status, sophistication and professionalism.  Do not skimp here and spend a reasonable amount on your handmade dress shoes in Ireland Men may consider spending on a pair of trousers or suit.  Consider buying a good pair of handmade dress shoes in Ireland as an investment and to complement the outfit..  Sometimes people place a lot of value on their personal appearances and even apply more attention if they are going to a formal meeting for the first time.

While selecting a dress footwear, look for handmade and a full leather pair and an asymmetric shape that will make your feet feel truly comfortable.  The best ones complement your style easily. Moreover, also make sure that they match with everything else you are wearing.  If your trousers or jackets are navy blue, and then you could wear blue dress shoes.

How to take care of your footwear?

Besides buying a pair of handmade men’s dress shoes Dublin, it is also necessary for you to take care of them.  In order to increase the durability of your footwear’s make use of shoe tress when you are not using them.  These shoe trees will not only maintain the shape of the shoe and prevent them from creasing, but it will also absorb the moisture from the shoes and will keep them smelling fresh.  Keep your shoes clean and polished at all times.  A good shine will give a good impression.

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  1. Jason Dunne says:

    Met Charles and Lisa at the Carole Nash Classic Car show in the RDS a while back and purchased a pair of brown suede Chelsea boots form them on the day.They have a brilliant range of shoes in stock and both Charles & Lisa are fantastic to deal with, speedy service and a top quality product.
    Thanks Charles & Lisa, chat soon,

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