Look highly fashionable and classy in gorgeous monk strap shoes


The name is hard to get a handle on, being at once both monastic and yet very cool.  While its origin is hard to pinpoint, one thing that won’t be is your sense of style when you step out in a pair of monk strap shoes.  The shoe is defined primarily by its strap and buckle, or two straps and two buckles in the case of the delightfully named ‘double monk’ which replaces laces.

What are monk straps?

Monk straps are a contemporary footwear that fall right between formal Oxfords and casual leather loafers. They are a fashion statement!  The brown family of monk strap handmade men’s shoes in Dublin is not only trending but also classic in design.

Monks come in two varieties which are the single and double strapped. If you have wide feet or need more room, a two strapped monk shoe is recommended, either look just gorgeous. The star feature of a monk strap shoe is the strap and buckle which acts as a centre piece and draws the eye. Grab the limelight with handmade men’s shoes in Dublin.

Style statement

Monk shoes go well with chinos and denims. They add classy sophistication look without making it formal. They add elegance to your look.  In fact they can even be paired with your suit. You can shop for the best quality monk footwear from handmade shoe store in Dublin. For added impact, why not roll up the chinos/jeans to really show off the signature buckle and don a pair of brightly coloured socks to inject a burst of colour- perfect for the summer months. Monk footwear with two straps also stylishly plays well when worn with a distressed pair of jeans.

If you are looking to add elegance to your look without making it conservative or formal, this footwear are for you.

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