Look smarter wearing handmade leather shoes

handmade leather shoes

Footwear shows off a man’s personality, but they need to be chosen wisely. There is not as many choices compared to women’s shoes.  But when you find a footwear company with a great variety, you will have no problem finding the right shoe for you. Maybe the perfect one that you can wear on  various occasions.

Take a look at the selection of handmade men’s footwear online in Dublin from ffS!, and pick a pair to compliment your look.

Casual shoes from ffS!

The collection in men’s casual shoes are very attractive. There are multiple toe styles and designs that will make you fall in love with them.  Some of the eye catchy shoes from ffS! are Bronx, Catrina, Cayman, Cayman, Chesterfield, Corso – Blue or brown, Donna, Fenix, West and so on. Shoes from ffS! are from two renowned brands….. Pepe Milan and Beatnik. All these come in a variety of colours, styles for every occasion.

Formal shoes from ffS!

Footwear for formal settings includes the classic Oxfords, Brogues that are a dressy version of Oxfords, and Derby shoes. Men’s handmade leather shoes online Dublin is also great for formal occasions. Shoes crafted out of Italian calf leather and exotic fabrics and materials are apt as formal men shoes. Find these shoes online from ffS!.  Some of the popular men’s formal shoes from ffS! are  Lamantia, Miller, Holmes – Burgundy, Deep Black and Beige & Brown.

Shoes enhance your personality and therefor should be chosen to suit your own one!Make sure to choose what suits your foot shape too. Online, only the best brands make the best shoes and there is a great range from ffs!

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