How to match different kinds of handmade designer shoes with your outfit?

handmade designer shoes

It can be difficult to know what to look for when shopping for shoes, there are many considerations to be taken into account; what are the occasions when you will be wearing the shoes, which shoes are currently in fashion, what colour shoes suit you complexion even!  which shoes are good for which weather. Well here, we hope to help you to understand which shoes you should be thinking about buying for specific occasions.

Firstly; let’s dispel some of the old fashion and old-fashioned logic about dress shoes.

  1. Properly made shoes do not have to be “broken in”. Be comfortable.
  2. Nothing is out of bounds, colour and styling is king. The purpose of shoes to blend into the background in some anonymous space is no longer a reality. Style in not meant to be noticed and appreciated.
  3. Be adventurous, leave your preconceptions behind and explore new horizon’s.

Formal Occasions

Dress shoes are not only the preserve of men who wear suits to work, although they are the shoe of choice for the man who do.  On any occasion now a good dress shoe can make a statement to reflect you character, not your job.

A dress shoe is a formal type of footwear, such as oxfords, brogues or loafers.  In the recent past these were anonymous affairs in brown or black. For formal occasions, bright colours were definitely a no-no, oddly footwear colour and style were far more adventurous and colourful pre 1870 than the following 150 years. Thankfully men’s style has changed from bland anonymity to addressing the individual.  A good pair of handmade men’s dress shoes online in Ireland from can work wonders for a man’s style. For any occasion, shoes can now be traditionally made with ageless classics instilling an appearance of sophistication upon the wearer or that little bit outrageous to create that stir.. The choice is yours..

And for the simple everyday casual attire of jeans, skinnies or chinos,the handmade men’s dress shoes online from meets that requirement too.

The shoes from ffS! are comfortable as well as stylish. The are extraordinary shoes for extraordinary gentlemen.

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