Wedding shoe styles to make your big day more special

wedding shoes

For the perfect wedding outfit, the groom has to take extreme care to choose the right outfit. The most important part of your attire could be an elegant pair of wedding shoes. To look the part on your wedding day, getting the right pair of elegant wedding shoes is not too easy a task unless you know where to look! And there is no better place to look for amazing shoes than our extensive collection and website ffS! We have wedding shoes in a spectacular variety of designs and colours to suit all the different themes that weddings may have nowadays. Make your day extraordinary with our Extraordinary Shoes for Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The trend for online wedding shoes in Ireland is moving in the direction of elegance and comfort.  Below are the top most elegant wedding shoes from Forfootsake ffS! These are exclusively designed to be different, to be special, just like your wedding day!

Cayman: This Shoe is made of Nappa emi double salmon leather, which has sewn leather sole and is slip resistant. It is an unusual piece of art. It looks great with either a summer suit or with a black suit or tuxedo.

Charles: This amazing men’s wedding shoe in Ireland is made up of Black patent leather and lilac cracker having a leather sole. A stunning and different shoe.

Chicago: This extraordinary shoe is manufactured in red Boston Zafiro Houston patent. It has a leather sole with sewn slip. This eye-catching shoe in intense Ferrari red is the perfect wedding shoe and can be worn with casual jeans on the honeymoon.

Dallas: The Dallas is a beautifully handcrafted shoe made of Ferrari red Nappa and black karabu with Red sewn rubber sole.  Beautifully crafted and with all our shoes, they will still be comfortable when the day ends.

Fenix: This stunning pair of men’s wedding shoes Ireland manufactured in Bengale Velour Blue with a blue rubber skate sole. This Hand stitched sophisticated shoe is ideal for special occasions. This shoe changes slightly, depending on the light. Works great with a blue suit.

Prince: This Shoe is manufactured in genil patent and has a sewn leather sole. It is Handmade and has elegant floral pattern. Truly a stunning shoe.

Steve: This Handcrafted shoe in bronze evolution with a sewn leather sole. These shoes impart Elegance and style. The bronze effect really shows through. Soft a comfortable and can also be worn with casual cream chinos.

Tolonto: It is Handcrafted black leather and tartan with leather sole. This shoe is non-slip in nature.  This shoe model is comfortable and unique. A great complementary stylish statement shoe.

For the most memorable day of your life, walk down the aisle looking and feeling great in a pair of wonderful, extraordinary, different, comfortable, affordable handmade wedding shoes.

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